Robert Crocker

Data Visualization Engineer

I am currently a Data Visualization Engineer delivering professional service to Starschema's clients across the US. Before Starschema, I led the Data Visualization practice in San Francisco for Slalom. While I haven't spent my entire career in Client Services, the focus has always been on adding value. And I feel like we have never been able to deliver as high an ROI as we can right now!

Frustrated with all of the social requirements to be a consultant in San Francisco back in 2017, I left to figure out how to work remotely as a Digital Nomad from anywhere in the world. At the time, Remote Work was heavily frowned upon by any clients I could get to accept a call.

Regardless of the negative response from prospects, I knew the value I created was not dependent on:

  • Where my butt sat.
  • How long it sat there.
  • Whether I was in a button-up or tank.
  • If I was even in the same city so long as I had Wi-Fi.

Hell-bent on making Remote Work work, I continued to use my bootstrapped runway to experiment with different approaches to client communication, travel, work settings, and more. Eventually, I dialed in my delivery and found a market that saw what I saw, high-quality work, delivered with far less of the overhead that comes from traditional ways of work, and then COVID hit. COVID forced the world to adapt but adapt in a way I find to be better for the clients, workers, and planet.

As a fully remote engineer, I am incredibly excited about the future of work! We have the opportunity to create products and services with others around the world that have the potential to make a positive impact like never before.

If you are working in health tech, building a product improving people's lives, are new to Remote Work, or anything related to the topics I touched about above, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line and let me know what resonated with you.